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Market Update Fall 2017

Welcome back from Summer! We hope it was enjoyable.

Gardner celebrated our 21st year in business this year and we've been noting trends in the job market, hiring arena and MA economy since our inception. We share this newsletter with our clients quarterly to help you understand the lay of the land and current market conditions in the event you are looking to add to your staff. We hope this is helpful as you plan for any remaining hiring this year and in 2018.

A quick snapshot of the year to date:

Q1 was robust at the non-managerial levels. We saw a slight downturn in hiring as we entered Q2. However the end of Q2 picked up significantly, again at the non-managerial levels. We found that by mid Q3, hiring got quiet as is typical of the summer months. August was slow out of the gate but picked up speed around the middle of the month, especially at the more senior levels. As Labor Day approached, activity started to pick up again at both the managerial and non-managerial levels. As we enter the last month of Q3 it does appear that the market is heating up at all levels although the Senior Director/C level arena is still lagging behind from several years ago.

These things have stayed consistent throughout 2017:

1. Candidates are still hard to come by. As we have noted since last year, we are in a supply/demand job market where there are fewer candidates than jobs available. Those clients looking to fill highly technical roles are still seeing fewer candidates than clients looking to fill traditional accounting/finance/tax roles. We suspect this trend will continue through the end of 2017 and most likely into 2018 if not throughout all of 2018.

2. Candidates with very traditional accounting, finance, tax and audit backgrounds are receiving multiple offers. This has trended especially hard over the last two months. Again, this is a supply/demand issue.

3. As we note in every update, those clients who are willing to train candidates and have flexibility in their list of 'must haves' have filled their jobs quicker than those clients who don't have the bandwidth to do this. In the same vein, slow moving clients get beat out time and again as candidates accept offers with clients who are able to move to the finish line quickly.

4. Work-Life balance/Upward Mobility: In today's job market, these are the two areas that are hot buttons for most candidates.

5. Cultural fit is still important to candidates! We focus heavily in this area when we are pre-screening our clients and candidates. In all of our years of recruiting, we have found that if the cultural fit isn't right, it doesn't matter much about all the other things like location, compensation or role. People want to wake up in the morning and be excited and happy to go to work.

We hope this brief update is helpful to you as you look to add talent to your staff. Please let us know if we can assist you with any hiring needs in 2017 and beyond! Best wishes for a great Fall!

Dina Gardner and the Gardner Resources Group Team

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